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Green Country in the Spring: Your Guide to Maximizing the Unique Holidays in March 

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Spring is here, and we are so excited for warmer days, spring showers and all the May flowers! It’s also time to celebrate some unique March holidays in Green Country. 

Flowers at the Tulsa State Fair

March 12- National Plant a Flower Day 

Spring is just around the corner, and National Plant a Flower Day is a great day to kick off the new season. Grab some seed packets, start a flower garden and help make the world a more beautiful place. Don’t have time to garden? Brighten someone’s day by sending flowers. Or, grab a friend and visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden. And speaking of flowers, did you know the Tulsa State Fair brings in hundreds of fresh flowers for our guests to enjoy? When you’re here for the 2024 Fair, don’t forget to notice the hanging plants and flowers spread throughout the Fairgrounds. 


March 14- Learn About Butterflies Day 

March 14th is the perfect day to learn about the fascinating world of butterflies, their life cycles, habitats and the importance of conservation. Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at, they also play a key role in pollination and biodiversity, making them important to the balance and health of our ecosystem. Want the opportunity to learn more about butterflies? Be sure to visit the Butterfly House at the 2024 Tulsa State Fair to see over 5,000 butterflies from all over the world! 


Girl showing a steer at the Tulsa State FairMarch 19- National Agriculture Day 

Agriculture impacts almost every aspect of our lives, from what we wear to what we eat and use on a daily basis. The people involved in the agriculture industry- farmers, ranchers and researchers, to name a few- work tirelessly to make our way of life possible. Agriculture even plays a huge role in the Tulsa State Fair. From the food to the Ferris wheel, and from competition to helping tomorrow’s industry leaders grow. Agriculture is at the heart of everything we do. So, on National Ag day, let’s celebrate the immense contributions of this industry and the significant role it plays in our lives. 


Chirs Perondi and dog during show at Tulsa State FairMarch 23- National Puppy & Kitten Day 

March 23rd is the day dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of the joy and companionship that puppies and kittens bring into our lives.  Humans and our four-legged companions have always had a special bond, and this national holiday serves as the perfect opportunity to appreciate this unconditional devotion. Love these paw-some animals as much as we do? Make sure to stop by Perondi’s Stunt Dog Show at the 2024 Tulsa State Fair. Since 1999, these pups have been captivating audiences with their one-of-a-kind show, while promoting pet adoption, reinforcement training and responsible pet ownership.

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