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Tales of the Love at The Tulsa State Fair

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Tales of Love at The Tulsa State FairGet ready to swoon, we asked you to share your Tales of Love at The Tulsa State Fair and we were overjoyed with the responses we received. From first dates to lifelong love, these tales will warm your heart and leave you craving a funnel cake. Each story reminds us that love is as timeless and enduring as the Fair itself. Grab a seat on the Ferris wheel of romance and let’s embark on an unforgettable ride through the Tales of Love at The Tulsa State Fair.


Mickie Wyatt

My husband and I met at the Tulsa State Fair on October 8th, 1994. We were both seniors in High School and during a chance interaction while standing in line for the Zipper, we decided to exchange phone numbers and we've never looked back! We have been celebrating our anniversary at the Tulsa State Fair every year since. In 2014 we celebrated our 20-year anniversary with a photo shoot during the fair that year and we were later recognized by the Tulsa World on how the fair was our matchmaker. Our love story is always a hit when we tell people how we met 29 years ago on the midway. The fair holds a special place in our hearts and it's our favorite place to go back to celebrate every year. We're no longer brave enough to ride the Zipper, but we still go back to eat corn dogs and reminisce about the night we met. We can't wait to celebrate 30 years together next fall at the Tulsa State Fair!


Sherry Barbour

A mutual friend set us up for a blind date. We made it a double date to the Tulsa State Fair. That night was a bit awkward. He was painfully shy, and I was quite the opposite. I may have pulled out twelve sentences out of him. One was, “Can I get your phone number?” I answered yes. The date became more relaxed and enjoyable as we ventured to the midway—indeed, a night to remember. Ten days later, he proposed. A few short weeks later, we walked down the aisle. Forty-eight years later, he is still the love of my life. We return to the fair yearly to commemorate our first date.


Jennifer Knox

It all started at the Tulsa state fair 2022. I am a bartender and employed through the EXPO. I work the moonshine bar next to the Oklahoma stage. It was day 1 or 2 of working and this boy with blue eyes and his white hat backwards came up to the bar to just say hi. Turns out he was working as part of the entertainment for the Oklahoma stage. I don't remember his job title, but he was a runner for the artist. After he talked to me that first day, I could not stop thinking about him. Throughout the remainder of the fair, we would say hi in passing. Came down to almost the end and we still hadn't exchanged numbers I was worried I would lose him, so I wrote my number down on a bar napkin and had a friend give it to him. He came by the bar at the end of the night all smiles and we made plans to see each other after work. We have our 1-year anniversary at the fair 2023 still working the same locations. It's great to get to relive those first moments each year in such a fun way. Lots of memories at the Tulsa state fair but this one is my favorite.

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